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What's in it for you?

Well for one, money.  It costs less to take an inventory using bar codes than it does with pencil and paper.  That's because it goes much faster. Your employees just point and shoot.  They don't have to write it down and then someone types it into the computer.

Second, and its the major savings, is less labor. Fewer people working less time just costs less.  An average, it takes 1/4 the time to take an inventory with bar codes than it does by hand and there is no additional time spent typing the date into the computer.

Third, is accuracy.  Its hard to quantify in dollars and cents what better accuracy is worth.  You can however, see it in a smother operation.  Nobody spends time looking for nonexistent products or correcting transposed digits.  You always know the real counts.

Fourth, because the system also tracks where each item is located your people don't waste time looking for products.  They always know where and how many of each item there is.  This means there are no 'over flow' areas.  Items can be put where ever there is space and they will always be found.  This should also cut down the moving of items to put them in their proper locations. 

Fifth, is money again.  When your employees can go directly to a product they are much more efficient in the use of their time.  You should see this in reduced overtime.

Last is plant closure time.  Many companies close every year for inventory.  Inventory time goes much faster and you plant can be operational for more days.  On average the cost savings for this alone is usually more than the cost of the software and equipment.