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What To Do next

Actually very little. You continue to run you business just the way you do now.  Assign one employee to work about 1 hours a day printing out locations labels and pasting them up.  Use the same names your you already have.  Use Ez-Counts software to print several copies of each location and paste them up in easily to read locations.  You can have several for each location. 

Next and probable the hardest part is copying you inventory into Ez-Counts.  If you can get a copy of your part numbers, descriptions and bar code id in Excel then you can import them.  If not you may be forced to input the data.  If any of your parts already have bar codes you can read then first and later enter your part numbers and descriptions.

I suggest you start slowly by taking some single area and do it completely first.  You should be especially careful to get everything correct.  People loose interest and will not use the system if the data is not accuracy.  All of this can usually be in short doses and done during employee idle time.  You will be amazed how quickly other employees begin to use the system when they can depend on accurate data.

Last you need to install procedures for scanning when item are picked (shipped) or first put away (received).  Employees actually like using bar codes because it is easier than writing the information and having someone type it in.