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Ez-Counts Software











Ez-Counts is a stand alone Windows software package the works in conjunction with the Data Recorder to count, track and locate you inventory. It is designed to work using your existing procedures replacing only pencil and paper with computer technology.  Ez-Counts is network enabled so you can access your inventory data from anywhere on you network. 

Ez-Counts is designed to relieve warehouse personnel of the tedium and error prone paper work.  It records Receipts, Shipping, Counting and Locations of every item.  There are quick search screen to find any item by part number or description.  Hardcopy reports are available to track by item, value, variance and more. 

There are three levels of security.  'Guest', which is designed for simple lookup of quantity and location.  Guests can not see product costs and can not run many reports.  It is designed for salesmen who just need to know availability and location.  Next is 'Employee', which allows all other functions.  Last is 'Administrator', which can create, delete and modify user logins.